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This website displays properties for sale by the owner. These owners have elected to sell their homes privately with expert assistance.

To view a property, contact the owner directly to make an appointment.

What is Private For Sale?

Private For Sale is a listing option provided by MacKay Real Estate for clients who wish to pay a flat fee and do it themselves. By selling independently clients can reduce the cost of selling their property and assume more of the burden. We provide a sign and advertise the property online. The rest is up to the owner: showing, staging, marketing, negotiating, signing of contracts, to name but a few. Expert assistance can be provided in the areas for an additional set fee per service, or an hourly rate, allowing the owner to pick and choose what they feel comfortable doing.

Private For Sale not for you?

If you wish to have allĀ full services and experience of a Realtor behind you, please contact MacKay Real Estate at 902-542-5781 x23.

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